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Lawn Care

Fertilizer: Fertilizer is commonly used to increase the nutrients needed for the growth of plants. Fertilizer is simply 3 macro nutrients packed into one! Nutrients such a Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium are essential to growth as well as are vitamins such as Zinc and Iron. As humans, we take care and nourish our bodies and likewise, we must take care of the earth surrounding our homes!

Insecticide: Insecticides are sprayed throughout the perimeter of your home as an outside barrier against insects. This is a process which coincides with proper maintenance of indoor pest control. An additional defense to insecticide is grub control! Overgrown grubs and shrubbery allow insects and pests to enter your home without being noticed.

Fungicide: Fungicides are biological organisms that are used to kill parasitic fungi and their spores. When not properly cared for many forms of fungi can grow around your home leading to damages in agriculture and impacts to your health.

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